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Actimize - Mitigating Transactional Risk Across Enterprise Silos
Case Studies

Case Studies

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February 12, 2014
NICE Named Among Fast Company's "World's 50 Most Innovative Companies"

January 23, 2014
NICE Actimize Best-in-Class for KYC by CEB TowerGroup

Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

Actimize provides an integrated solution suite, combining focused models, rules, and profiles with unique, advanced analytics, to help financial institutions comply with anti-money laundering regulations from agencies around the world.
140+ mid-tier and large-scale global clients across six continents, including Pershing, Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, and Barclays
Proven expertise and packaged offerings across banking, securities, insurance, and regulatory bodies
Integrated core risk platform, with data sharing across solutions, enabling rapid deployment and lower TCO


Suspicious Activity Monitoring

Industry-leading transaction analytics detect known and unknown money laundering and terrorist financing schemes - proven across multiple industries, products, and services.


Watch List Filtering

Enterprise-wide customer and transaction screening against multiple watch lists, to identify and block sanctioned or high-risk individuals and entities, with unique 4th generation name recognition capabilities.  


Customer Due Diligence

Continuous, dynamic customer risk management for consistent monitoring from initial applicant onboarding to periodic rescreening of existing customers. 

CTR Processing & Automation

Automated CTR processing to ensure compliance with Bank Secrecy Act standards and optimize CTR processes for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


FATCA Compliance

Designed to help US and non-US firms establish a structured Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act program – from identifying U.S. owners and customers and managing documentation to generating reports to meet the IRS requirements.


Key Benefits of Actimize Anti-Money Laundering Solutions

As oversight demands evolve, firms increasingly turn to Actimize Anti-Money Laundering (AML) solutions to automate, streamline, and drive down the costs of their enterprise AML compliance system. With Actimize, they can:


Manage a complete AML compliance program on a single platform

Address end-to-end AML requirements – from account opening, watch list filtering, and activity monitoring, to case management, oversight, and reporting – with an integrated suite of solutions built on a single core technology platform.

Effectively identify suspicious activities

Analyze behavioral profiles to discover hidden relationships and suspicious activities with hundreds of proven models for cash and cash equivalent transactions, wires, ACH/IAT, securities orders and executions, insurance policies, and more.

Streamline processes and enhance efficiency

Enable efficient alert management, ad-hoc investigations, and comprehensive reporting with role-based dashboards and alert prioritization. Ensure analysts focus on the highest risk activities; a client benchmark showed Actimize solutions produced half the number of alerts with twice as many referred cases, compared to the legacy system.

Adapt to meet evolving needs

Leverage a built-in library of established models and out-of-the-box rules with tunable parameters designed to meet current needs. Create new rules easily to keep pace with shifting criminal tactics and the changing regulatory environment.

Deploy rapidly and lower total cost of ownership

Rapidly deploy a proven technology platform with a flexible data architecture, built-in connectors to legacy systems, and user-friendly controls. Achieve faster time to value, lower long-term costs, and meet the needs of a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment.


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