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April 7, 2015
NICE Actimize to Support Singapore’s DBS Bank Financial Crime Strategy With Upgraded Anti-Money Laundering and Enterprise Case Management Solutions

April 2, 2015
NICE Actimize Twice Named a Silver Winner for its Anti-Money Laundering ‘Culture of Compliance’ Campaign in Southeast Asia’s 2015 PR Awards

CTR Processing & Automation

The Actimize CTR Processing & Automation solution enables seamless, automatic generation and electronic filing of Currency Transaction Reports (CTR) directly to the IRS, reducing inaccuracies and manual effort by consolidating enterprise data, guiding CTR specialists' actions, and validating information prior to e-filing.
Proven cost savings and increased efficiency through automated report processing in complex environment
End-to-end solution, from data aggregation and enrichment to CTR generation, validation and e-filing
Real-time, dynamic feedback, auto-population, and quality checks during analyst review

Key Benefits of Actimize CTR Processing & Automation

Between today's complex business environment and FinCEN's e-filing recent updates, the process of compiling and reporting information to meet BSA CTR requirements can be challenging, especially when using disparate, outdated legacy systems and labor-intensive processes. Firms can optimize efficiency and cost-effectiveness with Actimize's end-to-end CTR solution, tested and approved by the IRS, enabling them to:

Increase operational efficiency and reduce costs

Simplify and automate CTR / MIL generation and validation, as well as CTR and exemption e-filing, to eliminate manual processes, achieve a high auto-complete rate, and reduce overall burden on AML staff. Streamline detection of reportable activities and aggregation of information, consolidating disparate systems and reducing maintenance and support expense.

Ensure regulatory compliance and report quality

Automatically validate reports to ensure compliance with BSA and organizational requirements. Enforce internal policies and procedures with standardized workflows; enable proactive management of issues with comprehensive dashboards and reports.

Adapt to organizational and regulatory changes

Leverage a scalable, flexible technology platform to rapidly adapt to regulatory and organizational changes, extending out-of-the-box solution capabilities, defining CTR policies, and configuring detection thresholds, with intuitive, user-friendly tools.

Enable extensive management oversight

Manage and track the performance of CTR processing, including staff productivity, current CTR status, validation issues, and more, allowing compliance staff to quickly identify CTR trends and problem areas, resulting in greater operational efficiency.