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Actimize Clients


January 14, 2015
NICE Actimize Recognized as "Category Leader" Across All Four RiskTech Quadrants® in 2014 Chartis Financial Crime Risk Management Systems Report

October 21, 2014
NICE Actimize Partners with Alacra to Integrate Compliance and Reference Data Platform Technology Into the Actimize Customer Due Diligence Anti-Money Laundering Solution

Custom Solutions

In today’s dynamic and increasingly rigorous regulatory environment and highly competitive business environment, Actimize knows it is important to ensure clients’ risk management solutions are keeping pace with changing needs.

Leveraging the highly flexible and scalable Actimize platform and easy-to-use development tools, Actimize can build custom solutions tailored to client needs. Clients can then use web-based tools to further create specific rules, policies and workflows for their organization’s unique business needs.

Key Benefits of the Actimize Enterprise Risk Management Framework

The ability to leverage the core Actimize platform and work with Actimize for custom solutions allows clients to:

Build powerful solutions that can stand the test of time

Enjoy the unique combination of a feature-rich, off-the-shelf platform, proven to scale for any size organization, with a custom solution built just for specific business requirements. Meet today’s specific requirements, with a flexible technology foundation capable of supporting new solutions to address tomorrow’s needs.

Leverage the market leading risk management platform

Expand upon the core capabilities of the Actimize platform: unmatched flexibility, scalability and real-time transaction monitoring. Additionally, use a wide range of operational tools to effectively manage business processes, including investigation and case management, creation of rules and policies, management reporting and more.

Exploit a robust development framework

Design and modify analytical models quickly and easily with framework modeling tools and web-based business tools. Speed training and development, and enable ongoing improvement and customization as business needs grow - without vendor involvement.

Draw upon proven case management

Utilize the open environment of the web-based Actimize Risk Case Manager to customize capabilities, in addition to its efficient alert and case management, reporting, oversight and audit tracking features.