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April 21, 2015
NICE Actimize Card Fraud Solutions Highlighted in Analyst Firm's 2015 "Managing Card Fraud in a Complex Payments Environment" Update Report

April 7, 2015
NICE Actimize to Support Singapore’s DBS Bank Financial Crime Strategy With Upgraded Anti-Money Laundering and Enterprise Case Management Solutions

Remote Banking Fraud

The Actimize solution provides end-to-end protection against account takeover from mobile, online, IVR and call center transactions. Industry-leading out-of-the-box analytic models accurately detect anomalies and patterns in real time and Actimize open analytics offer the flexibility to develop in-house models and strategies. A central ‘risk hub’ enables the sharing of internal and third party data from multiple channels for fraud and cyber detection, operations, and investigations. By accurately and efficiently coordinating customer lifetime value, transaction amounts and service history, the solution optimizes fraud prevention by offering greater insight into cross-channel authentication and facilitates interdiction strategies.

Prevent remote banking fraud while providing a seamless customer experience
Support banking specific fraud prevention requirements for improved protection
Protect against constantly changing threats across evolving channels

Key Benefits of the Actimize Remote Banking Fraud Solution

The Actimize Remote Banking Fraud solution enables institutions to:

Identify fraud in real time

Real-time transaction processing identifies fraud attempts while still allowing the customer to execute legitimate transactions, efficiently balancing business fraud risk and customer impact. The solution allows for faster decisioning, consolidated alerts, and one-call resolution to improve customer experience and reduce false positive rates.

Prevent fraud with context driven data

Fraud prevention and detection are improved by the solution’s ability to ingest multiple sources of data to identify suspicious patterns of activity. Layered within the context of individual customer and transaction risk data, these patterns allow identification of fraud risk.

Enhance capabilities to meet evolving threats

Easily adapt fraud strategies to provide protection against evolving attacks with streamlined, on-demand tuning and cross channel fraud analytics.