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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Anti-Money Laundering Solutions for Money Service Businesses

Your Compliance Program Shouldn’t Stop You from Growing

Financial technology has seen explosive growth over the past few years, effectively changing the way people access financial services. While the industry continues to innovate and disrupt, regulators still expect organizations to implement sound anti-money laundering (AML) compliance programs or face additional scrutiny, reputational damage, and fines. For example, many FinTech or payments companies are subject to strict AML regulations if they are registered as a money service business (MSB) within the jurisdictions they operate.

Money Service Businesses are Targets for Money Laundering

Money services businesses (MSBs) serve a critical role in the financial world by providing access to money transfer services. The ease, efficiency, and cost effective access to these services without having to open an account or experience long waiting periods attracts millions of customers each year.

Because customers do not have to go through a formal onboarding process or typically collect Know Your Customer (KYC) data to use MSBs, customers are largely anonymous. As such, MSBs are targets for money laundering, terrorist financing, and other suspicious activity.

Actimize for MSBs

With increased regulatory pressure, scrutiny, and expectations, MSBs need a solution that offers end-to-end, consistent coverage from an experienced vendor. Actimize offers a proven suite of anti-money laundering solutions to help MSBs establish and enforce compliant processes and procedures, detect suspicious activity, and receive consistent coverage. Actimize’s deep experience, strong relationships with financial intuitions and regulators, and consultative expertise ensure that MSBs can implement risk-based procedures cost-effectively.

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Gain an Advantage Over Your Competitors

The industry is evolving at a rapid rate with no signs of slowing down. Financial technology organizations and MSBs that put compliance first gain an advantage over their competitors, and are more likely to come out on top in the race to gain users and market share. Most importantly, sound compliance programs and strategies deter negative news and fines that cause reputational damage and a loss of consumer confidence.

Partner with an Expert that Knows Your Space

Actimize is the market leader where large portions of the financial industry have implemented Actimize to help decrease their risk and overall compliance program costs. Many major MSB players have successfully partnered with Actimize to fight financial crime. MSBs that partner with Actimize join a highly-respected network in the world of anti-money laundering, and can strategically facilitate relationships with financial intuitions.

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Be In-Tune with Regulators Ahead of Changes & New Legislation

Actimize regularly meets with regulators and analysts around the world. Our commitment to maintaining these relationships and incorporating their feedback into our product strategy helps customers feel confident that they’re partnering with a long-term AML solution provider.

Know the Unknown with Technology that Grows and Scales with You

Our strategic focus on preventing financial crime ensures that product strategy is in line with global regulatory updates, industry news, and technology trends so that our customers leverage the latest technology and feel confident in their AML operations.

Create a Single View of Risk

As a vendor Actimize has earned the trust and confidence of global financial institutions as evidenced by its long-standing relationships with its clients, regulators, and industry analysts. Clients are able to reduce compliance costs and create operational efficiencies with case management tools and advanced analytics that offer a single view of risk and manage AML programs on an ongoing​ basis.

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