Chen Kirsch

Senior Advisor, Fraud Subject Matter Expert

Chen Ari Kirsch, a senior business consultant, is transforming fraud departments to be best in class addressing all aspects of fraud prevention including fraud strategy definition and execution, fraud detection optimizations, operational investigation costs reduction, and end customer journey improvements. Chen has 12 years of international fraud prevention experience in Actimize, supporting tens of financial institutes servicing hundreds of millions of customers worldwide, and 15 years in the digital security industry. Chen holds an MBA and BSc in Information System Engineering from Be’er Sheva university, Israel.

PSR (Payment Systems Regulatory) Responds to Increasing APP Fraud with Mandatory Reimbursement Proposal for Fraud Victims

October 13th, 2022

In the U.K. last year, authorised push payments (APP) fraud reached £583 million ($706 million), a 39% increase from 2020.

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