Deb Geister

Fraud Subject Matter Expert, NICE Actimize

Debra Geister is a Financial Crimes Strategist and Subject Matter Expert at NICE Actimize. Prior to her work with NICE Actimize, Ms. Geister lead Section 2 Financial Intelligence Solutions, LLC. Section 2 or S2 focuses on solutions for identification and detection of transnational criminal organizations (TCO) and the mechanisms of fraud and money laundering. They specialize in investigator “hybrid threat” training, precision scenario development and risk assessment services. The goal of S2 was to identify the financial patterns of the “hybrid threat” and to educate banks of the current threats to the financial system.

Prior to S2, Ms. Geister was the Managing Director of the AML Advisory Services at Matrix International Financial Services. She also held a position as the Senior Vice President of the Financial Intelligence Unit for a US based financial institution, leading the combined Fraud and Bank Secrecy Act Unit and guiding the bank out of a cease and desist order. Previously, for 10 years, she was Senior Director of Consulting Services and also Director of Market Planning for AML and Fraud Products at LexisNexis Risk Solutions. Debra developed products to assist clients with processes such as sanctions screening, application fraud, OFAC, PEP, and 314a. She worked with many large global and domestic financial institutions. She has extensive experience with the technologies and design behind many of the products that support the Financial Services industries and all areas of AML and Fraud including, Customer Information Programs, Application Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, ACH Fraud and Sanctions Compliance, Customer Due Diligence and Transaction Monitoring and Investigations. Geister is also an experienced speaker and media analyst on the topics of money laundering, fraud and financial crimes.

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