​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fraud Consultin​​g & Services​​

Keep pace with the fraudsters looking to impact your organization​​

As you face new risks from evolving market conditions, new products, technologies, and fast-spreading fraud threats, there is a struggle to find the right balance of effort with cost. Creating  effective, appropriate, and measurable fraud prevention and cybercrime management strategies and operations while maximizing your existing systems and team resources is a daunting, but important challenge.​​

Actionable insight 

Our Fraud Consulting Services enable you to optimize your fraud prevention environment, cutting fraud losses, reducing operational costs, and improving the overall customer experience.

We provide you with the expert guidance, insight, and knowledge needed to enhance your fraud strategy, and operational fraud management processes. Through a rich variety of fraud prevention consulting services, our team will help you meet your challenges, maximize technology investments, and identify and mitigate existing vulnerabilities.

With NICE Actimize Fraud Consulting Services you can:

Maximize Return On Investment

Optimize the detection performance of your fraud prevention solutions. Be ready and prepared to cope with new challenges experienced by your business from constantly changing fraud threats and attacks.

Reduce Operational Expenditure

Align strategic planning, fraud objectives and staff utilization. Base your team’s targets on effective advice on fraud technology and process optimization.

Improve Customer Experience

Enhance your fraud strategies to minimize disruption to your customers and increase their confidence in your fraud protection capabilities.

Achieve Business Goals

Create a measurable fraud prevention strategy aligned to evolving risk and fraud environments. Ensure that your fraud management organization supports new business opportunities from either organic or M&A growth, through effective fraud protection of all of your products.

Comply with Fraud Model Analytics Regulations

Ensure your organization is operating within relevant regulatory guidelines across all regions. Actimize modelling experts understand the evolving global regulatory environment and can provide the effective advice and guidance that your business needs.


  • Building a business case and identifying requirements
  • Business operational efficiency
  • Fraud solution performance optimization health checks
  • Model governance and validation
  • Technical performance review health checks

Strategic guidance to ​​achieve business goals

NICE Actimize Fraud Consulting Services support financial organizations to optimize their fraud prevention environments to cut fraud losses, reduce operational costs and improve overall customer experience. We can connect your business, customer vision, and strategy with a measurable fraud prevention approach that evolves with changing risk and threat environments.​

Why NICE Actimize

  • Extensive consulting experience in prevention and management of payment fraud and financial crime
  • Comprehensive domain expertise in channel and payment fraud prevention and cybercrime risk management
  • Enterprise fraud management platform and services, protecting the full payment life cycle
  • Holistic approach with proven fraud-specific models and client authored analytics



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