Compliance Assurance

Prove & Manage the Recording of all Financial Communications

NICE COMPASS is a complete solution that facilitates rigorous monitoring of regulated users’ communication activities, which is key to a firm ability to meet the stringent regulatory demands and achieve an operating environment that protects customers and the firm’s reputation.

NICE COMPASS works on top of NICE Trade Recording (NTR) and offers comprehensive monitoring and compliance reporting at all stages of the transaction cycle.

NICE COMPASS - Complete Compliance Assurance

With NICE COMPASS you can easily monitor recording processes with scheduled, automated tests of all aspects of the system - automatically test network, gateway, PBX, recording, audio quality, archiving and retention of media and metadata and more. System Assurance simulates calls within the system to prove recording performance. Alerts and alarms keep you abreast of issues that require attention.

Prove you are compliant


Consistently audit rules for recording, archiving and media retention, destruction processes, calls actioned, and calls on litigation hold (by time, users and durations). The reporting and reconciliation of the information provides evidence that the full recording process is being fully adhered to continually.


Manage your recordings


Control your retention compliance with granular business rules applied to historic and future data. Parallel retention rules control storage of different asset classes per varying global and regional regulations as applicable to different lines of business and user groups, all managed within the same system. Easily define bulk litigation holds, up to 6 million holds per day.


Navigating & Automating Compliance

A series of educational webinars addressing how NICE COMPASS can help to automate compliance assurance processes and reduce risk

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