NICE Actimize Case Management Solutions

Are you operating at the speed of risk?

Everyone needs the right tools to do their job. Nowhere is this more important than in financial crime risk and compliance, where the fight never ends. To begin with, teams need a unified view of risk – across geographies, business units, and risk types. But even this isn’t enough without capabilities that optimize investigation processes to make them faster and the outcomes more accurate, while also empowering teams to make key decisions to manage the ever-changing threat landscape.

NICE Actimize Case Management solutions are designed to make data more accessible and teams more effective in order to mitigate risk, cut costs, and protect your customers.

Our Solutions

Enterprise Risk Case Management

Reduce your costs, improve efficiency, and stay agile. Our Enterprise Risk Case Manager allows you to consolidate information from any existing detection system into a single operational tool, giving you unparalleled visibility of your risk. Coupled with workflow management, full audit control, and smart tools to navigate high-risk networks, your investigators have everything they need to fight financial crimes in one place. 

Investigation Management

Automated investigations and discovery empower your employees to become true knowledge workers. By giving your team actionable data in one centralized location, they can uncover hidden links, reduce manual processes, and help you mitigate risk more intelligently – at a lower cost.

Proficiency Suite

Choosing speed or accuracy doesn’t need to be a tradeoff. Our Proficiency Suite helps you analyze your investigation processes to tune workflows, empower your investigators with automated Next-Best Action Guidance, and give your teams a closed-loop investigation process which includes feedback for continuous improvement and independent compliance oversight. Best practices out of the box means high quality and low risk without sacrificing customer service and speed.

Business Intelligence

Actionable insights for proactive risk management. Our Business Intelligence offering includes on-demand reports, querying and research tools, dashboards, and Actimize Visual Analytics. Create your own reports in minutes or leverage packaged content to Visualize, Explore, and Gain Insights more easily than ever before.

Notifications & Attestations

Ensure oversight of rules and policies while distributing the burden of personal accountability. Actimize Notifications & Attestations allows teams to distribute key notifications about policies, procedures, regulations, and updates quickly and easily, and capture attestations for auditors, regulators, and managers. Full integration with our case management solutions means a centralized repository for investigators to refer to as-needed. Everyone marching to the beat of the same drum? Sounds like a win to us.

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