Enterprise Risk Case Management Overview

​​​​​You know that maintaining and supporting legacy systems and the ​resulting data disarray limits your investigation capabilities and your team's access to critical information while also increasing cost and risk. Your challenge is to correlate actions and events while keeping costs down and reducing the risk to your organization. Our Enterprise Risk Case Manager (ERCM) provides you with the actionable intelligence you need to gain a holistic view of risk. With the ability to consolidate information from existing detection systems into a single operational tool, we provide you unparalleled visibility across multiple lines of business, channels, products, and regions. Our single, user-friendly application ingests these diverse information flows and th​e resulting output allows you to reduce your costs and to mitigate your risk by managing your personnel more wisely, connecting the dots in ways you are not currently doing, and consolidating automating manual processes.

Why NICE Actimize for Enterprise Risk Case Management?

  •  Holistic - Consolidate data from multiple systems to give you a holistic approach to risk  
  •  Effective - Streamline investigative processes through automation
  •  Efficient - Increase analyst productivity with seamless prioritization and built-in monitoring of investigation handling
  •  Scalable - Expand coverage across channels, geographies, or lines of business

Access Infor​​​mation

You and your team get the information needed in a consistent manner that satisfies regulatory requirements and implements streamlined risk rules across lines of business, geographies, and products. Give risk and compliance professionals the confidence to reduce legacy systems and re-deploy duplicate personnel while still reliably meeting your changing regulatory needs.

Prioritize Your ​Problems

Tackle the largest and most burdensome problems that your organization faces in the most strategic order. By prioritizing accordingly, you can reduce time spent on correlation and reconciliation, identify gaps, and determine when and where best to mobilize internal resources most cost-effectively.

Empower​ Users

Provide your analysts and investigators with the ability to recognize, classify, and handle suspicious incidents, transactions, accounts, and patterns in ways you are not currently able to do. This results in faster outcomes, higher quality investigations, and less regulatory risk for your organization.

Ensure ​​Governance

Identify inconsistent rules and enforcement as well as how investigation handling differs across countries, teams, and divisions. Central oversight into what staff is doing and how they are doing it, allows you to identify patterns and trends across disparate systems by providing a consistent view of governance and enforcing a common approach to risk oversight.​

ERCM Brochure