Education ​Services

Achieve full solu​tion adoption​

Our education services are designed to help you and your organization get the most out of your Actimize solutions. In-depth product and technology education ensures that you and your team develop the required skills and knowledge to ensure confident understanding and ownership.

Our extensive suite of courses, targeted to specific audiences based on unique needs and skill sets, and tailored to your specific environments and needs, helps prepare your users to configure, rollout, operate, and support your Actimize solutions.

Education serv​​ic​es​​ offerings

Extensive suite of cou​rse offerings

Faced with the challenges of software upgrades, new rollouts, multiple locations, ROI considerations, and employee turnover, education is an ongoing need for financial institutions. ​Whether you are implementing, upgrading, or simply refreshing your staff's skills to use an existing system, we have an extensive suite of courses designed to:

  • Ensure full and comprehensive product understanding
  • Enhance your ability to use the solution effectively
  • Create an easy path to product usage mastery
  • Leverage your investment in Actimize solutions

Role-spec​​​ific training programs

Our training programs are role-specific, focused on the knowledge and daily tasks that each individual in your organization needs. Comprehensive training courses are categorized by Actimize solution and geared toward specific functional groups, including business analysts, investigators, strategy managers, system administrators, operations and support staff, implementers, and developers.

Full-time, experienced tra​​​ining staff

Our team of education specialists consists of full-time trainers with extensive business and operational experience, and who are well-versed in adult training methodologies.

Variety of del​​ivery methods

Our courses are structured to meet the needs of any audience, whether presented remotely or in person. Many advanced courses also include a Sandbox environment that remains with you following training to provide additional exposure to more complex features and functionality.

OTE: Courses listed in the NICE Actimize Education Services Catalog are available for current, approved clients, partners, and employees only.​​


2020 Course Catalog

We help you and your organization get the most out of your Actimize solutions.


Self-Sufficiency Package

Education and Consulting: A Client’s Path to Empowerment.


Education Services

Take your internal resources to the next level with NICE Actimize.


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