All in One:
Integrated Fraud & AML

Best-in-class data intelligence, analytics and insights on a single cloud-native platform.

Complete Financial Crime and Compliance Coverage

Powered by the cloud, Xceed brings together best-in-class AML and fraud solutions, offering complete financial crime and compliance on a single platform. Through unique self-learning abilities, Xceed adapts to new attacks and changes in customer behavior.

  • Real-time
    behavior-based analytics
    and machine learning
  • Higher
  • Lower
  • 360
    view of risk
  • Maximize

Combat money laundering and stop fraud
with the industry’s most sophisticated AI
and machine learning.

Stay Ahead with Speed

With Xceed, a fast cloud deployment means less downtime and exposure with out-of-the-box AML and fraud models and data connectors, tailored for mid-market organizations such as credit unions, FinTechs and regional banks.

As the proven industry leader, Xceed’s turnkey integrations and faster time to protection quickly helps you meet business objectives.

Fight Fraud with Machine Learning & Behavioral Analytics

The power of digital acceleration and faster payments may delight your customers, but also leave them more vulnerable to fraud. Powered by the most advanced AI, Xceed detects early stages of an attack enabling you to intervene before there’s any money movement. Xceed’s unique self-learning behavioral analytics auto discover the unusual, identifying patterns and anomalies across all channels, enabling you to dynamically adapt to new threats without disrupting your customers.

With Xceed FraudDESK, a fraud prevention managed service, work with an expert fraud analyst who will proactively monitor and investigate your customers’ activities. This allows your resources to focus on strategic initiatives, while maintaining your payment service levels and proactively preventing authorized transactions.

Comprehensive AML Investigations Fueled by Intelligence

With the rise of faster payment fraud and more sophisticated money laundering schemes, it’s challenging to stay ahead of changing risk. With Xceed, AML teams have access to machine learning risk scoring, integrated customer risk ratings and ongoing due diligence. Leveraging sophisticated AI, the platform intelligently aggregates data from a wide range of sources to contextually enrich customer profiles. Transforming this data into actionable intelligence enables firms to accelerate risk decisioning with confidence and accuracy.

Fast & Efficient Investigations

With best-in-class case management and data aggregation, Xceed automatically discovers relationships and linkages, expediting alert and case investigation. Xceed allows your team to create a case, perform real-time Know-Your-Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), entity link analysis, and more – all within the same platform. When your investigation team confirms the activity as fraudulent, Xceed pre-populates the case details for regulatory reports, such as a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) or Currency Transaction Report (CTR) to expedite the filing process.

When it comes to fighting money laundering and adjusting to a constantly changing environment, the Xceed AML Evidence Lake Risk scoring solution allows financial institutions to configure rules and set thresholds via self-service. Users can select from out-of-the-box conditions and adjust threshold parameters based on their needs, saving time and resources.

Managed Financial Crime Investigation Services

Xceed FraudDESK is a managed fraud prevention service offering the best protection against fraud with the lowest impact on staffing. Our experts use Xceed’s proven fraud prevention software on your behalf to proactively monitor and investigate alerts – allowing your resources to focus on business goals, while preventing unauthorized transactions. Now you can keep strategic initiatives on track and elevate your fraud risk management.

By integrating best-in-class AI, data intelligence, behavioral analytics and insights within a unified cloud platform, Xceed brings agility to organizations of any size, allowing them to modernize their financial crime risk management solutions.

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