​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Xceed FraudDESK

Managed financial crime investigation services

Digital acceleration has increased the volume of alerts for payments and banking activities – creating heavy strain on your investigation team. As the alert backlog grows, your team can get overwhelmed with alert review, triage, investigation and disposition. This not only affects staff morale, but degrades effectiveness of financial crime prevention overall. Investigation teams are at an inflection point where they’re working harder to investigate alerts, yet are yielding negative productivity results. 

Xceed FraudDESK is a managed fraud prevention service offering the best protection against fraud with the lowest impact on staffing. Our experts use Xceed’s proven fraud prevention software on your behalf to proactively monitor and investigate alerts – allowing your resources to focus on business goals, while preventing unauthorized transactions. Now you can keep strategic initiatives on track and elevate your fraud risk management. 

Xceed FraudDESK is a force multiplier – augmenting your investigation efforts and strengthening your detection efficiency.

Key differentiators:

  • U.S. based team of tenured, certified fraud examiners
  • 200 collective years of fraud fighting experience
  • Complete alignment with customer policies
  • Transparent decision factors for alert disposition 


  • Extend and enhance fraud prevention and operational support
  • Increase efficiency and focus on most important tasks
  • Get early visibility into fraud patterns and trends
  • Customized to your specific needs 

“FraudDESK helps us understand fraud trends while letting us focus on other strategic banking initiatives.” 

Alert Review, Analysis and Investigation

Our team triages alerts, investigates transaction details, and escalates high risk alerts, if needed, while staying fully aligned to your business policies, procedures and risk appetite. 

Fraud Intelligence

Xceed FraudDESK is not only a complement to your investigation operations, but an extensive knowledge base of best practices and insights, based on cross-institutional fraud trends. 

Training Sessions

Our training and certification programs elevate the professional capabilities of any fraud analyst. Our training sessions ensures both new and experienced users get the most out of the Xceed platform. The curriculum includes a self-paced certification program and instructor-led courses for advanced users.  

Case Study

FraudDESK identifies cross-institutional fraud threats

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Case Study

FraudDESK protects consumers from fraudulent job applications

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