Enterprise Fraud Management

Combat threats in real time with IFM, the industry’s most powerful AI-driven fraud management platform.​

Real-Time, End-to-End Fraud Prevention Powered by Pervasive AI

IFM delivers AI pervasively across all fraud prevention processes, from detection and strategy to investigations and operations, as well as intelligent data orchestration.

Throughout the customer life cycle, leverage agile advanced analytics and easy-to-use claims and investigations tools to protect customers across all channels and payment types. Combat fraud with intent-based advanced AI and hyper granular profiles-powered by unparalleled collective industry intelligence.

With IFM, minimize loss exposures, expedite claim resolution, and align with regulatory requirements.

Case Studies - AI in Action

Comprehensive Fraud Management

Scams & Mule Defense

AI-powered insights identify suspicious activity patterns across the customer life cycle, safeguarding both customers and institutions.

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Protect all payments and speed up customer processing with real-time monitoring and smart analytics.

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New Account

Improve onboarding acquisition rates and enhance customer experience using advanced AI and data orchestration.

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Streamline investigations operations by integrating functions and data into a unified platform.

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Authentication Management

AI and analytics help manage customer authentication across channels and define fraud strategy in real time.

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Xceed for Small and Mid-Sized Banks

Real-time fraud detection and prevention for small and mid-sized banks.

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Pervasive AI to Prevent Fraud
Advanced AI used across all Enterprise Fraud Management

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NICE Actimize Fraud Insights Report

In this latest report, NICE Actimize uncovers the most pressing threats and patterns to address now.

Report highlights include:

  • Fraud trends impacting FIs around the globe
  • Best practices for FIs to elevate enterprise fraud management strategies
  • Critical technologies to address the dynamic fraud landscape
  • Actionable insights to improve your fraud management program
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