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Reg BI is Not Going Anywhere – How Firms Should Move Forward

COVID-19 caused many firms to put Reg BI compliance on the back burner. Here are three key lessons to help firms get compliant by June 30.

COVID-19 in Italy: Fraud Lessons Learned

Around the world, public health officials are analyzing the coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in countries with earlier outbreaks in an effort to model scenarios, refine preparations, and identify mismanagement and best practices in dealing with the current situation. With Italy being a hotspot, we at Q6 Cyber set out to analyze recent cybercriminal and fraud activity […]

A Shifting Fraud Management Landscape

The Fraud Product Marketing Team conducted an interview with subject matter expert, Rob Tharle, in response to the current global pandemic situation. The below content is based on that interview.

Cheque Fraud: How is a Reducing Payment Type Leading to an Increase in Fraud?

It wasn’t long ago that cheques were going to be relegated to a thing of the past, and whilst that is true in some countries, they are still going strong in others.

Financial Crime Resilience During COVID-19: We Still Have a Job to Do

COVID-19 is the biggest peacetime challenge in a generation. No one knows how long this invisible threat will last, there is currently no cure and governments around the globe are taking extraordinary measures to curb the spread.

Trading Floors, FIs Eye Record-Keeping Contingencies Amid COVID-19 Crisis

Technology and consulting firms that address financial crime, trading floor operations and related risk issues were inundated this week with requests from financial institutions with respect to how we would support them considering a potentially expanding impact of Coronavirus.

Mitigating Fraud Threats as Open Banking Evolves in the U.S.

PSD2 has been a hot topic in Europe for a number of years and Open Banking is gaining traction around the world.

The United State of Surveillance: True Holistic Is Here

For a modern trade and market surveillance compliance program to be considered “fully complete,” many would contend that this would translate to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to coverage and functionality.

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