X-ccelerate Consulting & Advisory Practice

Beyond the Implementation

Our team of more than 400 experts across 15 countries understands your toughest risk and compliance challenges. We’re ready to provide industry benchmarking and incorporate best practices into your Target Operating Model to help your processes run as smoothly as possible.

Our Domain Expertise includes:

A​chieving a Financial Crime Target Operating Model

When it comes to regulatory compliance and mitigating risk, things can get complicated quickly. You need an effective plan that answers your unique goals and needs. NICE Actimize can help create a Financial Crime Target Operating Model (FCTOM) that serves as your central plan to keep your program running smoothly.

  • Our purpose is to enforce corporate strategy and vision across business operations.
  • We represent how your company can be best organized in an effective and efficient operational environment.
  • We break down siloes to allow for collective understanding across the enterprise.
  • We cover people, operations and technology.
  • Our outcomes include achieving strategic goals, reducing cost and driving revenue.

​​Health Check Evaluati​​​on​​

X-ccelerate Consulting & Advisory Practice uses utilizes a multi-faceted engagement approach with our clientele to provide more efficient and effective services. There are 3 phases to the engagement:

​Phase I: Onsite HCE Discovery

  • Discuss Business/Technical Operations and Pain-Points
  • Include half-hour to hour Observations of Curre​nt Operations ​
  • Potential Integration Opportunities
  • Reporting Activities [Existing Metrics/Dashboards] to Establish a Baseline for Operations

​Phase II: Analysis for the Business and/or Technical Environments

  • Perform Business Operations Evaluation
  • Current Usage of Solution Feature/Function​
  • Integration Opportunities
  • Reporting Activities and Criteria
  • Benchmarking

​Phase III: Recommendations

  • Post-Health Check Evaluation – Prioritization of Enhancements
  • Deployment of Recommendations​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​