Fraud Investigations

Don’t Manage Risk, Mitigate It

Financial institutions (FIs) know that having robust risk mitigation is key to safeguarding both customers and your institution. NICE Actimize's comprehensive approach to Fraud Investigations acknowledges the evolving landscape, where traditional fraud, scams, and money mules pose constant challenges. Operations and Investigation teams need scalability to meet surges in claims and be prepared for future regulations.

Fraud Team Challenges Include

Siloed processes between Prevention and Operations

Existing Processes
are Broken

Poor Customer Experience and Complaints

Layers in Scams and Scam Losses

Regulators are Playing Hard Ball

Disparate, Manual and Error-Prone Procedures

Reduce Operational Cost and Enhance Investigative Efficacy

Oversight and Reporting

Prevention & Detection


Customer Verbatim & Claim Categorization

Triage / Assignment

Automated Claim Assignment & Escalation Workflows


Full Investigation Workbench & Evidence Archive


Regulatory Reporting To Ensure Timely SLAs

Reg. Filing

Configuration and Development

Solving Operational Challenges With IFM: Purpose Built

  • Dynamic Workflow: Automate and enrich processes for enhanced efficiency, proper claim assignment, and escalation handling
  • Reimbursement & Recovery Management: Streamline the management of claims and facilitate efficient reimbursement and recovery processes
  • Holistic View: Ensure transparency and full audibility across operations for comprehensive oversight and reporting
  • Automated SAR Filing: Simplify SAR (Suspicious Activity Report) filing with automated fields, narrative generation, and e-filing capabilities
  • Closed Loop: Enable seamless feedback integration into prevention module to stop future fraud with continuous learning
  • End-to-End Fraud Prevention: Implement comprehensive measures to prevent fraud at every stage of the customer life cycle
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