Payments Fraud

Prevent Payments Fraud In Real Time

Real-Time Payments,
Real-Time Insights.
Detection At Every Step.

Get comprehensive intent based, AI-powered payments fraud prevention across all channels and types. Leverage granular profiles and NICE Actimize's unparalleled collective industry intelligence to mitigate risk.

IFM Payments Fraud at a Glance

Global Coverage

Broad, scalable fraud coverage across all payment types, ensuring adaptive, global protection

AI-Powered Detection

Real-time, AI-powered detection reduces false positives, enhancing accuracy and customer experience

Actionable Intelligence

Deep intelligence transforms data into actionable insights and proactive defenses

Real-Time & Transfer Payments

IFM redefines fraud prevention for real-time and transfer payments, such as P2P, ACH, wire, and SWIFT, along with new ISO 20022 payments. IFM ensures nimble prevention and detection, with purpose-built AI and advanced analytics to address the complexity of real-time and transfer payments.

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Check & Deposit Fraud

IFM Check Fraud detection brings intelligence to this traditional payment method that addresses both first- and third-party risk, with advanced analytics and AI. Embedded check image risk analysis and dark web insights offer real-time protection. The solution identifies fraudulent activities related to both deposit and in-clearing risk. Swift and secure transaction verification provides immediate access for legitimate activities while guarding against fraudulent checks and compromised accounts.

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IFM Card Fraud solution

The Card Fraud solution is purpose built to score all card transactions comprehensively. Aggregating data from diverse internal and external channels, it provides robust and scalable protection against an array of fraud typologies, including: account takeover, card-not-present (CNP) fraud, counterfeit and skimming fraud, lost and stolen card fraud, and card-never-received fraud.

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