Omnichannel Authentication Orchestration

Powered by AI and industry-wide collective intelligence, Authentication-IQ detects and combats account takeover attacks in real time.

Authentication-IQ looks at historical authentication activity, account servicing, and transactional behavior to create a complete customer profile with actionable risk scores.

Authentication-IQ at a Glance

Manage Across

Prevent cross-channel attacks with a holistic view of customer interactions that look at digital and non-digital channels


Make risk-based decisions and give access for "safe" customers in real time, while challenging risky guests to stop account takeovers

Define Your

Easily outline and integrate your fraud and authentication strategies and quickly alter them when needed

Risk Scores Across
Customer Life Cycle

  • Produce risk scores for login and access events based on dedicated analytical models.
  • These models consider countless risk indicators, such as the interaction channel, user device, and customer’s authentication profile.
  • Risk scoring doesn’t stop at the front door—the solution includes ongoing evaluation of risk across the customer interaction.

Reduce Fraud Losses

  • Improve fraud prevention by interlinking fraud risk intelligence and authentication strategies, stopping fraud before it ever enters the system.
  • Bridging authentication strategies in digital, physical, and contact center channels provides better fraud detection rates and enables identifying cross-channel attacks before they cause damage.

Increase Operational

  • Control authentication strategy with flexible policy and rule writing, influencing real-time decisions for any authentication method.
  • Add data and alerts from all existing authentication tools into a centralized system to make the best step-up or step-down decision for each user in a specific scenario.
  • Managing all authentication processes in one place optimizes authentication operations, reduces unnecessary investigations, and minimizes costs.

Improve Customer Experience

  • Control risk exposure intelligently and select with accuracy and granularity those distinct cases where stronger authentication must occur.
  • “Good” customers are seamlessly permitted into the system, while risky ones are challenged.
  • Centralized step-up management gives organizations the option to match the right kind of authentication methods to each user. Customers can even choose their own form of authentication based on comfort level and security.

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