Partner w​ith Us​

Our partnerships with leading integrators, services organizations, consultants, and others allow us to provide a suite of technologies and services to meet the needs of our clients worldwide. As part of our commitment to client success, we work hand-in-hand with partners to ensure timely and successful delivery of integrated solutions.

Business ​Partners​

Our business partners extend our reach to new horizons and, working alongside our sales and delivery organizations, help us to bring our financial crime technology and expertise to a growing number of regions and industries.

Technology ​Partners​

We know that today's technology is complex and that multiple systems need to interconnect. We work with our technology partners to enrich our offerings by embedding their technology, developing connectors to simplify integration with existing systems, and providing support and other services.

Deployme​nt Partners​

We work with the leading system integrators and service organizations to ensure successful and timely deployments. Our certification process includes a formal training curriculum as well as side-by-side engagement to assure sufficient knowledge transfer.