As the task of fighting financial crime becomes more ch​allenging, we deploy increasingly sophisticated tech​nology that finds anomalous behavior both earlier and faster. These technology advancements and the resulting enhanced detection serve to positively impact you​r business and your customer's experience. As a responsive business partner, our goal is to ensure that Actimize's​ technology innovations help you:

  • ​Eliminate financial losses from theft, fraud, regulatory penalties,and sanctions
  • Decrease operational costs to investigate and research suspiciuos activity
  • Improve customer experience with fewer disruptions in service 
  • Adapt to changing business needs and regulatory requirements ​​

Financial Cr​ime Platform

Increasing ​scrutiny on financial crime prevention

Today your organization faces growing scrutiny from the media, the general public, and regulators with regard to your financial crime prevention programs. The focus is now primarily on compliance and coverage across the enterprise, with a particular emphasis on how disparate systems and processes work together.

Gain a holistic view of financial crime risk across the enterprise

Actimize gives you the ability to prevent financial crime and ensure compliance by detecting suspicious activity across accounts, devices, individuals, and organizations. By generating comprehensive alerts, streamlining investigations, supporting both real-time and batch processing, and providing user-friendly tools to adapt logic, processing, and policies for changing needs, we empower you to protect your organization.

Open Anal​ytics

Agility is cri​​tical as threats and regulations constantly change

Today your organization faces a highly competitive business environment, a dynamic and increasingly rigorous regulatory environment, and a constantly shifting threat landscape.

Open analyti​cs put your users in the driver's seat

Actimize open analytics gives your users the control they need to respond quickly to challenges and meet your organization's unique business needs. Out-of-the-box analytics combine with user-defined analytics, rules, policies, and workflows for comprehensive coverage and flexibility. The highly flexible and scalable Actimize platform and our easy-to-use development tools allow your users to take charge.

Big​ Data

Ove​​rwhelming amounts of data can dominate your business

Your organization faces an increase in the volume, velocity, variety, and variability of data. Along with rising data management costs, this puts your organization's ability to stay on top of the data challenge at risk.

Strike the right balan​​ce between data management and business value

Investigator productivity should not suffer under the weight of increased alerts generated by growing amounts of data. Actimize enables you to perform better detection and enhanced investigation amidst ​ a growing sea of data coming in from an increasing number of sources in a variety of formats so your organization can benefit from the world of big data rather than being smothered by it.

Cloud Se​rvices

Select the ​best deployment option for your needs

To keep pace with the changing landscape of regulations and financial crime threats, your organization needs secure, flexible, and cost-effective deployment options.

Focus on y​our organization rather than your software

NICE Actimize cloud services help you stay compliant and responsive to threats, reducing expenditures on licensing and updates, support staffing, and IT overhead. You can increase organizational flexibility by focusing on personnel training, project readiness, and usage while benefitting from our best practices and expertise for managing application, system, and data infrastructure. ​​​​​​​​​