​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CTR​ Report & Filing Automation​

End-to-end management of CTR requirements

Monitoring of suspicious transactions and compiling and reporting associated currency transaction reports (CTRs) and monetary instrument logs (MILs) is made more challenging in today’s complex business environment. Firms with outdated legacy systems and labor-intensive processes are unable to act quickly and accurately report on these issues, facing fines and reputational damage for non-compliance.

We understand your complex, dynamic business and regulatory requirements and that keeping your CTR program efficient and effective is critical to meeting your business obligations and gaining value from your operations.

Flexible & Automated CTR filing

Automating your CTR processes allows you to reduce manual intervention and errors. Our built-in validation tools and flexible capabilities enhance the quality and timeliness of completed reports while letting you adapt to changing FinCen Regulations and business needs. Actimize’s CTR Processing & Automation solution takes the guesswork out of CTR filing with:

  • Streamlined data aggregation and management

  • Robust, flexible CTR detection capabilities

  • Automated CTR generation and validation

  • Seamless CTR e-filing prepares, files, and tracks filing status

  • Comprehensive workflow management for process consistency

Managing requirements in a complex business environment

We can help you to act quickly and report accurately when issues arise, avoiding fines and damage for non-compliance while minimizing costs and the need for manual intervention.​ Our CTR solution reduces manual intervention and error-prone processes, consolidates information across the enterprise, guides analyst actions, and automatically creates CTRs/MILs for electronic filing directly to the IRS.

  • Simplified CTR/MIL generation, validation, and e-filing are completed by a single solution, eliminating manual processes and streamlining the detection of reportable activities. Consolidation of systems reduces maintenance and support expense.

  • Reports are automatically validated to ensure compliance with BSA requirements. Internal policies and procedures are enforced with standardized workflows, allowing managers to easily view and address productivity issues with comprehensive dashboards and reports.

  • A scalable and flexible technology platform allows rapid adaptation to regulatory and organizational changes. Firms can also extend out-of-the-box capabilities, define CTR policies, and configure detection thresholds based on unique needs.

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60% auto-completion rate of both CTRs and MILs