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​​​​​FATCA Compliance Software​

Complex obligations & extensive requirements

Your firm's FATCA compliance obligations to maintain and report on customers, individuals, and businesses that may owe U.S. tax and the right technology is required to support the extensive data gathering and retention, document management, and process update requirements. Failure to comply could result in regulatory penalties and customer attrition.

Feature-rich FATCA compliance functionality

Our FATCA Compliance solution enables complete life cycle assessment for FATCA-status identification, management, and reporting on new and pre-existing customers, business entities, and owners, allowing you to ensure compliance while minimizing your operational and customer impact.

Streamline processes associated with new and pre-existing customer review with:

  • An enterprise-wide solution that minimizes the risk of non-compliance
  • Automated FATCA detection models to ease operational workloads
  • Global compliance flexibility that adapts to ​changing business needs
  • Dynamic data capture across multiple data sources
  • Structured case management and a comprehensive library of workflow templates
  • Complete investigation, audit, and reporting capabilities with audit trail capture
  • Tax withholding support integrates with tax withholding platforms
  • Periodic and ongoing review tracks changes in circumstance

Meet the FATCA compliance burden without business interruption

Establish an enterprise-wide FATCA approach that minimizes the risk of non-compliance and provides the flexibility to adapt to your changing business needs and regulatory requirements.

  • Automated processing of data capture, consolidation, and enrichment and preparation and transmission of annual FATCA reports, increases operational efficiencies.  Adaptive workflows and flexible tools allow firms to manage changing business needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Centralized FATCA customer reviews and reporting across multiple business units ensures regulatory consistency.  Consolidation of operational and technology needs into a single enterprise-wide solution reduces compliance, training, and maintenance costs.
  • Centralized, comprehensive record of the customer and required documentation minimizes the risk of non-compliance and improves customer FATCA review experience.  Progress reports of FATCA review and staff productivity allow firms to monitor and address compliance issues proactively.


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