Risk Screening with Precision

NICE Actimize's proven and trusted AI-powered screening solution, WL-X, gives you the means to stay ahead of ever tightening regulations and continually shifting sanctions risk and expectations. NICE Actimize’s screening solution delivers seamless access to extensive data sources from around the world and embeds the latest advances in AI and machine learning. WL-X provides you the power to identify high risk customers and counter parties quickly and with precision.

WL-X At a Glance

Accurate Data

Tap into a vast network of reliable global sources, ensuring your screening lists are always accurate

Real-Time &

Screen parties and payments against global sanctions and other watchlists in real-time, batch or on-demand

Always-On AI

Our AI is proven to drive ongoing optimization, reduce false positives and strengthen true positive accuracy

Comprehensive Controls

Take full control of your screening program from which data is screened and which lists are utilized to what scoring thresholds are set and how hits are managed, with full management oversight

Efficient and Effective

  • Enhance payment screening with real-time message screening and payment interdiction
  • Confidently & accurately stop sanctioned payments with advanced screening analytics
  • Full control over payment screening with our ISO-20022 compliant payment parser. Maintain flexible and targeted field matching

Party Screening

  • Strengthen onboarding and ongoing monitoring with real-time, batch and on-demand party screening
  • Screen beyond sanctions lists with integrated access to global data sources for greater insight into party risk
  • Increase accuracy of party screening with integrated analytics, including advanced fuzzy matching and predictive scoring

Improved Risk Management

  • Integrated AI reduces false positive hits, ensuring you focus on real true positives
  • Quickly identify and mitigate potential threats with instant screening against global watchlists
  • Stay compliant with all relevant regulations by accessing a wide range of sanctions, politically exposed persons (PEPs) and adverse media lists

Streamlined Operations

  • Seamlessly integrate WL-X with existing processes and systems for quicker and more effective customer onboarding, ongoing monitoring and transaction screening
  • A scaleable screening solution which can flex to your organizations risk requirements
  • Intuitive case management for seamless and consistent hit management & investigations
  • Integrated management insights to quickly assess and optimize system or team performance

Cost Savings

  • Minimize wasted resources on reviewing false positive hits
  • Automate time consuming manual tasks and optimize compliance workflows
  • Confidently detect parties on watchlists and alleviate the risk of fines, regulatory action and reputational damage for missing a screening hit
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