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5 Steps to Automating Your Financial Crime Work Processes

For a while now, manual tasks have been the main obstacle to increased productivity in many of your compliance and monitoring operations. Yet while the tools at our disposal are getting more and more sophisticated, incorporating them into an existing financial crime operation is still challenging. I am often asked what the best starting point is for integrating automation into an existing work process.

How Openness Unlocks Risk-Free, Open Source Financial Crime Innovation

To be human is to love choice. We choose what to eat, what to wear, where we live, what we do, whom to associate with, and countless other things. From the time we each learn to say “no” in our native tongues, we express our choices on an almost continuous basis.

‘Explainable AI’: The Next Frontier in Financial Crime Fighting

With new technologies like faster payments taking hold, the explosion of readily-available data, and the ever-changing regulatory landscape, staying ahead of financial crime and compliance risk has become more complex and expensive than ever before. As these trends show no sign of abating, the compliance operations and monitoring staff of a financial institution often find themselves a major cost center.

Agile Analytics Address Ceaseless Change in Financial Crime

“This is the first of a series of blogs authored by Damian Matich, Global Head Fraud Analytics, and Mike Frost, Director of Product Management on analytics. The blog series will address the challenges that financial institutions are facing and how agile analytics step in to lessen the burdens”.

Exploring RPA in Financial Crime Investigations: From Hype to Reality

Joan McGowan recently presented a webinar with NICE Actimize to APAC titled, “Exploring RPA for Financial Crime Investigation”.

Opimas Analyst Perspective: Voice Surveillance – It’s Time

​​Compliance teams are finally renovating compliance programs neglected in the scrum to prepare for MiFID II. However, too often voice surveillance has been an afterthought. Revamping trade and transaction surveillance has been uniformly atop of the 2018 compliance agenda, and leading market participants have also focused on improving the quality and scope of e-communications surveillance. The majority, however, are still a bit intimidated or too complacent to soundly address overdue voice surveillance requirements.

The Art of Possible: A Consultative Approach to Financial Crime Fighting

Now is the time to change how financial institutions approach the purchase of software used to manage their critical operations, particularly in financial crime and compliance. Advancements in automation and artificial intelligence technologies are coming online, and the totality of its benefits at first may not yet seem fully intuitive. When combined with the overall sophistication of software providers today, it becomes clear that the traditional RFI and RFP process needs to be rethought by everyone in the decision-making chain. What we are doing now is not enough to keep up with rapid transformation.

Optimize Then Automate: What Does Autonomous Mean to You?

It’s hard to believe that it has been seven months since NICE Actimize unveiled its ambitious plan for the future advancements of financial crime fighting – a concept that, after much internal review across all of our lines of business, we coined as “Autonomous”. Admittedly we might have turned a few heads with our choice of “Autonomous,” but now as we fully socialize our bold initiative with our customer base, we have reached the point in our journey where we can share significant (and positive) insights on the benefits to our customers that our vision will have on their operations as they move toward automated intelligence for financial crime applications.

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