Gareth Lodge

Senior Analyst, Celent

Gareth Lodge’s research focuses on payments. As a Senior Analyst on the payments team at Celent, his prime focus is on corporate payments, working closely with his colleagues in the Corporate Banking team. He is a leading expert on:

· Bank payment processing, and is the analyst who has been covering payment services hubs the longest in the industry;

· Payment networks and infrastructures, including Swift, ACH and Wires;

· And real-time payments, a topic he has been active in since 2006, and has worked in on almost every continent.

Gareth has been widely quoted in the media, including American Banker, New York Times and BBC News, and is a frequent speaker at such events as Sibos, EBADay, NACHA Payments, as well as private events around the world. Prior to Celent, Gareth worked for Secura Monde International, a leading cash consultancy; as Regional Research Director of European Payments at TowerGroup; and in corporate strategy at VocaLink Ltd, the UK ACH and ATM network. Gareth has a Bachelor of Science in Quantity Surveying from the University of Portsmouth, and a Post-Graduate Degree in Information Science from the University of North London.

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