Joshua Gross

Lead Business Consultant, NICE Actimize

Joshua Gross, a Lead Business Consultant at NICE Actimize, brings over eight years of experience in the financial services industry to his role. With his specialization in data services, Joshua provides tailored solutions to clients by identifying their unique NICE Actimize solution data needs. His expertise in data management, integration, migration, quality assessment, governance, ETL advisory, and cloud migration strategy services helps ensure that clients’ data is accurate, reliable, and secure, enabling them to maximize the potential of their NICE Actimize solutions. Joshua’s CAMS certification and AWS certification as a cloud practitioner attest to his commitment to providing exceptional data services to clients ranging from small retail banks to the largest global systemically important banks.

Data Governance and Controls: An Increasingly Critical Foundation for Financial Institutions’ AML Compliance Programs

January 8th, 2024

In the modern world, financial transactions unfold with unprecedented speed and intricacy. Hand in hand, with this increase in the velocity and complexity of

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