Rob Daline

CEO, ArkOwl

Rob Daline – co-founder of ArkOwl… with a background in eCommerce, finance and fraud prevention, Rob has been the founding inspiration of the ArkOwl product since 2011. He grew up liking superheroes, often aspiring to be one. He sees his fraud detection effort as a way to help stop the ‘bad guys’. He strives to put his love for God as his top priority and his family second. He works hard to see those around him, including those he works alongside, be treated the way that he would want to be treated himself.

A Better Customer Experience to Stop Identity Fraud: Validation vs. Verification

June 29th, 2021

In the fraud prevention world, the terms ‘validation’ and ‘verification’ can become somewhat synonymous with each other. Validation is the determination of legitimacy, while

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