​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Actimize ActOne Extend – Centralized Risk Management

ActOne Extend helps financial institutions EXTEND ActOne to be the centralized location of investigation management across the financial crime and compliance domain. This includes the ability to ingest alerts and cases via a library of APIs and a plug-in SDK, or using the Email Ingest tool.

In addition, with the new Display Framework tool, it is easy to define the work item details display of the ingested work items and adopt the Entity Insight capabilities.

Data Management

The effectiveness of a case management solution hinges on how well it leverages alert and detection systems. The Actimize solution is uniquely suited for this requirement with the capabilities detailed below.

Alert Ingestion and Data Enrichment

The solution ingests and enhances alerts that are generated from any internal or external system, providing businesses with a holistic, accurate snapshot of all available data, improving risk-based prioritization while reducing the investigative workload. Unlike other solutions that require extensive manual effort or data translation, the Actimize solution uses data adapters to automatically capture and ingest data, details and important alert information in real time or in batches. Adapters include support for mainframe-based systems, relational databases, message queues, flat files, big data (Hadoop), email systems and more. These adapters and ingestion features speed implementation so firms get a faster return on investment. Once a work item is generated, the solution correlates activities, entities and reference data across disparate detection systems and databases. This information is combined to enrich the alert or work item, providing a more complete picture of the activity, incident or suspicious entity.

Entity Matching

With ingestion, firms gain a holistic, accurate snapshot of information from alert messaging systems, data marts, warehouses and other systems. The solution offers a matching engine that uses fuzzy logic to match new entities with existing ones and entities in doubt can be reviewed by a human for determination. This means that previously unrelated alerts are linked together based on common entity information such as account ID, customer name or credit card number. NICE Actimize customers use the results to detect patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. This consolidation of linked alerts reduces workload and enables more efficient review of issues, helping firms to prevent losses and avoid regulatory fines.

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