NICE Actimize ActOne

A One-for-All Intelligent Investigation Platform

Managing risk and investigations is more complex and costlier than ever before. That’s why organizations are demanding a new approach to alert and case management that enables their analysts and investigators to reduce investigation time, while improving decision making.

NICE Actimize’s ActOne fundamentally transforms financial crime investigations by introducing intelligent automation and visual storytelling for speed and accuracy. Intelligent automation saves times by enabling a virtual workforce of robots to collaborate with human investigators, while visual storytelling uncovers more risks by showing relationships between entities, alerts and cases in a visual manner.

Benefits of ActOne:

  • Empower smarter decision making through entity-driven investigations and visual analytics
  • Help humans focus on knowledge work while robots perform manual, repetitive tasks
  • Expedite investigative decisions with a dynamic risk value for every entity
  • Drive collaboration with real-time notifications on all analyst and robot actions

ActOne unifies financial crime, risk and compliance programs and provides purpose-built capabilities that drive operational efficiencies. Organizations are able to standardize and centralize risk and compliance programs on one platform, regardless of business unit, risk type or geography, as well as use a combination of intelligent automation and visual storytelling to help teams focus on faster decision-making and entity risk – meaning more accurate investigations and efficient operations.

Our Other Solutions

ActOne Extend

ActOne Extend enables the customer to EXTEND ActOne to be the centralized location of investigation management across the Financial Crime and Compliance domain. This includes the ability to ingest alerts and cases via a library of APIs and a plug-in SDK, or using the Email Ingest tool.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Financial Crime & Compliance helps free up your team to focus on more sophisticated tasks that require their intelligence, human decision making. Specifically, RPA helps automate routine investigation tasks where it isn’t integral to have human involvement – think fetching data from other systems, copying and pasting client or account information or prepping a case – and lets your team focus on the issue at hand rather than the specific tasks along the way.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance leverages out-of-the-box capabilities to strengthen quality processes including dynamic sampling logic based on business priorities and past performance, approval flows, including a closed-loop review process, full audit tracking, escalations, deadlines, and mandatory tasks, and automated scoring and reports and dashboards for monitoring gaps and improvement over time.

Productivity Studio

Actimize Productivity Studio measures individual and team performance to help organizations optimize and improve their operations. Our solution gives you unprecedented insight into your operations, helps you identify bottlenecks and tune workflows, and helps investigators determine the optimal next step in their alert review or case investigation.

Notifications & Attestations

Ensure awareness and oversight of rules and policies. Actimize Notifications & Attestations allows teams to distribute key notifications about policies, procedures, regulations, and updates quickly and easily, and capture attestations for auditors, regulators, and managers. Everyone marching to the beat of the same drum? Sounds like a win to us.


As the task of fighting financial crime becomes more challenging, we deploy increasingly sophisticated technology that finds anomalous behavior both earlier and faster. These technology advancements and the resulting enhanced detection serve to positively impact your business and your customer’s experience.


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