Supervision Conf​lict

Keep insider dealing & conflicts of intere​st at bay​

As part of the cost of doing business, your firm must manage regulatory, business, fiduciary, and contractual conflicts of interest. Detection and prevention of insider dealing and potential conflicts is a key part of this management process and the administrative and financial burden to prevent conflicts from impacting the firm is enormous.

Give yourself a head​​​ start on conflict prevention

Our Conflict Compliance solutions address supervision and surveillance requirements faced by firms worldwide and help top protect the integrity of your firm by strictly monitoring for conflicts before they occur.

Insider Dealing

Our comprehensive solution allows your firm to manage the complexities of detecting and preventing insider trading while efficiently meeting the increasing pressures of effective control room compliance.

Employe​e Conflicts of Interest (ECOI)

Our ECOI solution fully automates the entire employee personal account trading surveillance process, enabling you to monitor and prevent potential employee conflicts.​​