​​​​​Holistic Surveillance​​​​​​

Expose the true intent behind market events

Today's regulators expect a predictive, preventative approach to compliance. At the same time, compliance officers are challenged by requirements to "connect the dots" between suspicious trades, eCommunications, and voice interactions. Rules now require recordkeeping of all transactions and related communications, timely responses to regulatory queries, and the ability to provide detailed trade reconstruction. Beyond execution, the focus is now on intent, where even the intent to manipulate is a violation.

Easily see the whole picture

A holistic view puts the pieces together and NICE Actimize Holistic Surveillance empowers your firm to take a holistic view across both trade and communications data. Proactively analyze all trading interactions, while monitoring the full trade life cycle in conjunction with​ relevant news events.

Take action before a threat arises

Proactively detect breaches of compliance rules or fraud on the trading floor and protect your ​firm with a holistic view of potential threats.

Actimize Holistic Behavioral Analytics

Learn more about our open​ and flexible solution to​ help front office supervisors,​ compliance analysts, and risk teams mitigate regulatory and operational risk by uncovering hidden behavioral threats.

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NICE Actimize Holistic Surveillance

Expose the true intent behind market events