Fraud Detection Analytics Optimization with ActimizeWatch

Fraud changes fast – your analytics must keep up

When new fraud threats hit the market, Financial Institutions must rapidly adjust detection analytics to prepare for changing patterns.

But that’s not always so simple. Analytics optimization as we know it today requires a complicated maze of preparing data and allocating IT resources. It also requires human intervention where machines could bring the ease of automation.

And there’s an even more daunting problem – when one FI optimizes analytics to defend against threats, fraudsters simply target the next institution in a never-ending cycle of attacks.

It’s time for all of that to change.

Optimize your detection analytics leveraging machine learning and consortium intelligence

ActimizeWatch is a cloud-based analytics optimization solution, which leverages consortium intelligence to proactively optimize analytics for members.

ActimizeWatch applies machine learning to analyze transactional data both from individual FIs and across a consortium to glean intelligence on when and why to optimize detection analytics.

ActimizeWatch data scientists deliver fraud intelligence to members and provide alerts on opportunities to improve fraud detection models.

Most importantly, ActimizeWatch experts put insights into action by proactively optimizing analytics using automation to quickly deliver enhanced and new models.

The outcome? Adaptive analytics, which allow FIs to detect fraud earlier and prevent extended market-wide attacks.

ActimizeWatch places the responsibility of analytics optimization into the hands of Actimize experts, providing a hands-off experience for FIs.

Features include:

  • Continual monitoring with machine learning: Using machine learning analytics, Actimize assesses cross-market transactional data, identifying fraud patterns within individual organizations and across the market
  • Ongoing Insights: Actimize provides insights to members on market fraud patterns and when to adjust their analytics
  • Proactive Analytics Optimization: Actimize proactively optimizes analytics using automation for quick delivery of implementation-ready models and features

With ActimizeWatch we watch, so you don’t have to

Cut the time, cost and effort associated with analytics optimization. Detect fraud earlier ​by leveraging market-wide intelligence, and proactively optimizing your analytics before fraud strikes.

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