​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Payment Fraud Detection

Growing fraud​​ threats across all payment types

Payment fraud or account takeover is a pervasive problem for banks today and one that is not only a huge threat to your organization and your customers, but is also constantly growing and evolving. Even worse, payment fraud detection is a problem across multiple banking environments, impacting areas such as emerging payments and commercial, retail, and private banking.

Flexible, extensible payments protection​

We know that banking environments vary and the ability for you to solve fraud problems is specific to the payment types your institution offers. Our Payment Fraud offerings have been developed to:

Protect any payment type including: SWIFT/Wire, Faster Payments, BACS SEPA payments, ATM/debit transactions, ACH/bulk payments, bill payments, P2P/email payments, checks​ and various forms of domestic transfer available in various markets

  • Defend against sophisticated, targeted and often socially-engineered attacks
  • Effectively identify and protect legitimate customer transactions
  • Mitigate reputational damage to your institution
  • Effective payment​​​ fraud protection

Remote Banking Fraud Solution

The Actimize Remote Banking Solution provides end-to-end protection against account takeover from online, mobile, IVR, and contact center transactions. Industry-leading  out of-the-box analytic models accurately detect anomalies and patterns in real time and Actimize open analytics offer the flexibility to develop in-house models and strategies. A central ‘risk hub’ enables sharing of internal and third-party data from multiple channels for fraud and cyber detection, operations, and investigations. By accurately and efficiently coordinating customer lifetime value, transaction amounts and service history, the solution optimizes fraud prevention by offering greater insight into cross-channel authentication and facilitates interdiction strategies.

Commercial Banking Fraud Solution

The Actimize solution is specifically designed to address the complexities facing commercial banks, applying targeted analytics to identify fraudulent payments among the high volume of legitimate transactions processed by commercial clients each day. The solution protects payments from origination through approval and processing, allowing organizations to interdict in real time to address suspicious activity and ensure an excellent customer experience.

Actimize Private Banking Fraud Solution

The Actimize Private Banking Fraud solution is specifically designed to address the complexities facing the high and ultra-high net worth customers of private banks, applying targeted analytics to identify fraudulent payments among the legitimate transactions which are processed by these clients. The solution understands the relationship between clients, their accounts, and their money management teams. It enables segmentation of limits or types of transaction and includes passive voice biometric authentication to automatically authenticate customers without the need for passwords or intrusive security questions.

Enable legitimate customer transactions to process faster and without disruption, ensuring a customer-centric approach to payment fraud protection.​​​



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