​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Fraud Detection Analytics

Fraud changes fast – can your analytics keep up?

Effective fraud risk management requires analytical tools, skills and capabilities to enable proper protection against constantly evolving and malicious fraud attacks. As faster payments become more common, it is critical for Financial Institutions (FI) to have agile fraud analytics and the ability to quickly respond to new threats and resolve them even faster.

​NICE Actimize Fraud Augmented Intelligence

NICE Actimize fraud analytics solution combines the experts' wisdom and machines' power to provide the ultimate fraud management solutions with explainable, actionable, advanced analytics. Our fraud detection system uses data-driven techniques combined with our fraud experts’ knowledge to create hyper granular profiles of entities and find anomalies that can indicate suspicious behavior.

With over a decade of experience working on broad, global customer data sets, NICE Actimize data scientists have developed a library of thousands of predictive expert risk features for data mining. The detection rate and false positive rate you can reach by running machine learning algorithms on expert features is better by orders of magnitude than running them solely on data-driven features.

NICE Actimize has also developed a unique fraud detection and fraud prevention method to explain the issues that led to an alert from an artificial intelligence model. These are used by fraud analysts and are documented to simplify Model Risk Governance processes.

​White Box Fraud Analytics Hub

NICE Actimize offers an open fraud detection analytics platform that supports three efficient, agile and cost-effective ways to develop and manage fraud detection models:

  • Managed analytics serviced by ActimizeWatch
  • Self-development environment for “Do It Yourself” fraud analytics
  • Easy import of analytics built on the organization’s preferred modeling system

​ActimizeWatch: We watch, so you don’t have to

ActimizeWatch is a cloud-based managed fraud analytics solution that uses machine learning to proactively optimize analytics for members. The service automatically analyzes transactional data both from individual FIs and across peers to glean intelligence on when and why to optimize fraud detection analytics. The ActimizeWatch dashboards deliver fraud intelligence to members and provide alerts on opportunities to improve fraud detection models.

Managed analytics cuts the time, cost and effort associated with fraud analytics optimization. We extend your fraud detection teams with fraud experts and data scientists, leveraging advanced analytics automation in a dynamic, big data analytics environment to help ensure that your fraud detection models are always optimized.

​NICE Actimize Collective Intelligence

ActimizeWatch monitors analytics performance and transactional data in the cloud across multiple organizations, using machine learning analytics to discover patterns that affect a wide range of organizations. The solution puts this collective intelligence to work by optimizing each organization’s fraud analytics using the risk variables and patterns found across the market. Ultimately, ActimizeWatch delivers optimized models for each member, incorporating market-wide insight.


Machine Learning in Fraud Analytics

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ActimizeWatch – We watch, so you don’t have to.

A cloud-based analytics optimization solution, which leverages consortium intelligence to proactively optimize analytics for members.


ActimizeWatch: Fraud Detection Managed Analytics

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