Fight Financial Crime​

Personal liability is increasing – does that keep you up at night?

Protecting your organization from financial crime is a huge undertaking. The people and groups trying to harm you are getting smarter and better organized while the regulations you must comply with grow increasingly complex. Potential financial losses, regulatory penalties, and the threat of reputational damage hang over your head. We all know that financial crime risk cannot be completely eliminated, but we can help you dramatically reduce the risks your organization faces.

The risk is in th​e unknown

The way to tackle this situation is to first identify the unknown risks and assess the threats that they pose. By pro-actively assessing such entities and by mitigating these risks, we help you be prepared. The next step is to put your day-to-day activities under the microscope. What suspicious behavior is hiding among the millions of transactions and trades?

How can you quickly monitor vast amounts of data and identify these activities to find truly suspicious behavior? In the final step, you must investigate and resolve any discovered issues. Pulling together the necessary information from disparate sources is both time consuming and expensive, not to mention that you must do so while simultaneously follo​wing all of the relevant regulations.

The protec​​​​​tion you need

NICE Actimize can help you at every step by giving you a clear view of risk, by enabling your staff to resolve issues efficiently, and by keeping your organization up to speed with a rapidly changing regulatory landscape. We help you fight financial crime, remain compliant, and - most importantly - sleep well at night, knowing that your organization is ready for whatever challenges come your way.

Solutions you can count on:

Prevent money laundering risk with a full customer view

Anti-Money Laundering

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Protect every financial interaction from fraud and cyber threats

Fraud & Authentication Management

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Cover your compliance needs for all assets, communications, and markets

Financial Markets Compliance

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Re-imagine compliance risk with optimized investigations and operations

Investigation and Case Management

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