Data Services

As a Trusted Advisor, we partner with clients to quickly identify and source the high quality data required for compliance solutions that drive financial crime programs. 

Data Challenges

  • Do you have enough expertise to understand Actimize solution-specific data requirements?
  • Have you seen data acquisition as a primary source of implementation delays for other implementations?
  • Do you have adequate ETL bandwidth and capacity to meet overall solution implementation deadlines?
  • Do you have any regulatory implementation requirements that cannot afford a delayed data acquisition or UAT phase?
  • Are you following best data sourcing and integration practices and guidelines? 

De-risk Your Data Concerns with X-ccelerate Data Services

NICE Actimize has a team of experts who understand the data and solutions required for successful data requirements mapping. With these services, we can help accelerate project implementation timelines so you can strategize and pivot the implementation based on regulatory and business needs.

The data services team will work closely with other Actimize teams to perform the data validation activity, resulting in fewer UAT defects and a shortened UAT phase. The team will also build and implement data extraction (ETL) to align with the solution implementation plan.

NICE Actimize X-ccelerate has a standardized approach and best practices toward data sourcing at various scales. By working with the data services team, we can help identify all potential data gaps at the early stage of the implementation so your team can make informed decisions.