Take the Stress Out of Maintaining Your Environment

NICE Actimize Managed Services partners with your organization to provide a dedicated team of experts to manage your environment and lessen your total cost of ownership.

With Managed Services, your team can gain freedom and flexibility to tackle a large number of projects. Now, you can reduce the time to build and educate an internal team so they can make an impact faster. From batch optimization, system upgrades and rule tuning, to product support and infrastructure maintenance, Actimize Managed Services offers dramatic savings in time and resources.

In one analysis of account efficiencies and overall reduction in hours consumed for each task, one client achieved an overall reduction of 57.3 percent in the total cost of maintaining and operating their Actimize AML environment. These savings included:

  • Proactive system monitoring and resolution
  • Managed operations
  • Daily operations
  • Infrastructure, application deployment and maintenance
  • System management
  • Service requests
  • Service desk tickets

Our Managed Services engineers have deep technical knowledge of Actimize solutions. By sharing this knowledge, clients can expect to see significant cost savings from day one.

When it comes to choosing between Managed Services and the DIY route, here’s where the NICE Actimize offering can help:

Staffing Costs

  • Costs for a highly skilled team must be taken into account for managing, operating, securing and enhancing your environments.
  • Help your staff drive business value by reallocating their responsibilities.
  • Minimize resource risk by relying on a NICE Actimize team who has the knowledge and experience to solve any issue and ensure business continuity.

Operational Costs

  • Daily operations, monitoring and maintenance uphold the health of your environment, but don’t always move the business forward.
  • Technical debt tends to add up when you factor in out-of-date solutions that aren’t fully utilized, causing your TCO to increase.

Intangible Opportunity Costs

  • Help your team focus on accelerating your business via innovation and growth, instead of focusing on housekeeping system tasks.
  • Minimizing resource risk by ensuring that your environment doesn’t go down if a valued team member is out of office.
  • With NICE Actimize’s depth of expertise and deep experience, rest assured that our dedicated team can assist with issues whenever they arise.

Knowledge and Training Costs

When managing an environment, consider the time and cost to skill up the knowledge of your direct employees. Why not reduce the stress of making sure you have the right people for the job by bringing on our proven experts? This helps you focus on future innovation and allows you to prepare your direct team for the future.

Moving Forward With Managed Services

The NICE Actimize Managed Services offering provides support with running, monitoring and maintaining the Actimize platform and solutions. Whether deploying solutions on your own provisioned environment or the Actimize cloud, maximize the value of your investment and keep future costs in check with help from our expert consultants.

By reducing total cost of ownership, organizations can gain maximum value from their investment, minimizing extraneous tasks and leading to faster impact.


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