2017 Buy Side Trade Surveillance Handbook

​Evolving business models and expanding global regulations have increased the ​regulatory burden on hedge funds, traditional asset managers and wealth management firms. Today, Buy Side firms must comply with many regulations including MAR, MiFID, Dodd-Frank and the Investment Advisors Act. To enforce compliance, regulators have armed themselves with sophisticated technologies to identify insider trading and detect market manipulation. They also created teams dedicated to investigating private funds. Many Buy Side firms have responded by implementing advanced trade surveillance systems enabling them to meet their regulatory obligations, protect their reputation and preserve their business.

Our 2017 Buy Side Trade Surveillance Handbook is designed to provide a concise overview of the current trade surveillance challenges and actionable advice based on the unique needs of your firm. The handbook includes advice from subject matter experts and industry analysts along with the best practices of your peers. 

Download​​ the h​andbook now and stay ahead of the curve!​ 

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