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Between a highly competitive market and rising client expectations, financial services organizations (FSOs) are under unprecedented pressure to offer a range of payment types. These new payment channels often increase fraud risk - but delaying the availability of these services can lead to customer churn. Unfortunately, most current payment security systems are not capable of detecting escalating attacks across multiple payment types.

Xceed Card Fraud Detection

Real-time card fraud analytics for in-person, online, and mobile payments

As instances of card fraud continue to increase, it has risen to be one of the top three most frequent types of first and third-party fraud. Fraudsters can easily obtain credit and debit card account information for a mere five dollars, proving lucrative for fraudsters. The ease with which fraudsters obtain card information is a constant concern for customers and small to mid-sized FIs given its financial impact and the limited resources smaller FIs are able to devote to card fraud prevention. Card fraud does not only hurt the bottom line but also negatively impacts customer experience and the reputation of the FI.

Xceed Card Fraud Detection can:

  • Stop fraudulent card transactions in real-time, before losses are incurred
  • Proactively notify customers and verify suspicious card payments
  • Create a single source of truth

Xceed Check Fraud

Convert check fraud loss into check fraud prevention.

By continually experimenting and evolving their tactics, fraudsters often render rule-based check fraud solutions ineffective. Traditional fraud monitoring rules for check deposits not only generate a large number of false positives, but also are not sufficient enough to catch cleverly engineered fraud such as check kiting schemes.

Early detection is key to converting check fraud loss into fraud prevention. Xceed Check Fraud Detection uses machine learning to learn an individual user’s behavior by analyzing check transaction patterns, and identifying unusual activity deviating from a user’s normal behavior pattern. The ability for Xceed Check Fraud Detection to alert the fraud team based on ranked risk for the right individual greatly reduces false positives. This helps FSOs increase fraud operation efficiency by allowing fraud analysts to spend more time on an actual investigation.

Xceed Check Fraud Detection monitors, analyzes and calculates a risk score for every check transaction, providing fraud prevention for check deposits and withdrawals across all channels.

Xceed Check Fraud Features

  • Fraud risk scoring in real-time with reduced false positives
  • Detects anomalous transactions for both check deposits and withdrawals
  • Provides check kiting detection
  • Alert and case management capabilities with best-in-class application user experience

Xceed Check Fraud Benefits

  • Decrease fraud losses and risk by effectively detecting check fraud regardless of fraud schemes
  • Reduce false positives and securely reduce friction for legitimate users by using advanced machine learning and behavioral analytics
  • Adapt to new fraud schemes without depending on fraud rule updates
  • Improve operational efficiency and team productivity by allowing the fraud analysts to focus on high risk check transactions

Xceed Wire

Wire transfer fraud detection and prevention in real time.

Xceed Wire applies industry-leading, behavior-based fraud detection technology to wire transactions, providing fraud prevention for all originated or received wire transfers through any channel. Xceed Wire monitors, analyzes and calculates a real-time risk score for every transaction and can automatically quarantine high-risk wires while expediting the processing of low risk wires.

BEC Scam Detection

Xceed Wire has the highest detection rate for BEC wires. The algorithms monitor the following behavioral changes:

  • Unusual transfer amounts
  • New, or infrequent, beneficiaries
  • New, or unusual, origination or destination locations
  • Changes in transaction velocity

Xceed Wire Features

  • Turnkey real-time integration with major payments platforms
  • BEC scam detection
  • Sophisticated modeling of originators and beneficiaries
  • Rich session-specific context and account history

Xceed Wire Benefits

  • Reduce losses by proactively detecting many types of fraud such as BEC scams, account takeovers and more.
  • Achieve competitive objectives and business imperatives by enhancing protection without impacting client
  • Increase operational efficiency by focusing on the highest risk transactions and reducing callbacks.


Xceed ACH-ODFI prevents fraudulent ACH payments by monitoring origination files including batch and transaction-level information for unexpected and suspicious activity. It provides batch entry level visibility, is significantly faster than manual reviews and eliminates the need for limits-based controls or rules-based detection.

Xceed ACH-RDFI is the only behavior-based anomaly detection solution purpose-built to detect fraudulent or suspicious payment activity within the ACH Receiving files. Our patented technology automatically monitors all credit and debit transactions to detect suspicious or unusual payments. FSOs can now protect members against unauthorized debits and detect tax fraud with minimal impact on operations while improving customer trust and loyalty.

Xceed ACH-ODFI & RDFI Features

  • Configurable ACH file frequency
  • Easily identify Same Day ACH batches
  • Targeted Risk Scoring per SEC code
  • Visibility into P2P, bill pay, tax and other types of fraud activity

Xceed ACH-ODFI & RDFI Benefits

  • Detect suspicious wires across multiple channels
  • Omni-channel visual analytics and risk engine automatically monitor all credit and debit transactions across online, mobile, ACH, wire, supplier portal and AML
  • Monitors origination files including batch and transaction-level information for unexpected and suspicious activity and eliminates the need for limits-based controls or rules-based detection
  • The only behavior-based anomaly detection solution built to detect fraudulent ACH batch files and transactions before submitting them for payment