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Synchronize Your Efforts to Deliver Best-in-Class Risk Management

One Entity Profile,
One Trust Score

Shift from costly, reactive and siloed risk management to a proactive approach that ensures next-level customer experiences with X-Sight Entity Risk. For each entity, Entity Risk delivers one single, comprehensive risk profile and score for use across your organization to minimize financial crime risk, improve AML compliance, reduce fraud losses, and drive revenue opportunities.

The X-Sight Entity Risk Difference

Real-Time Profiling and Scoring

Data and System Agnostic

Data Driven, Powered by AI and Machine Learning

Organization-Wide Solution

All-Encompassing Risk Profiling & Scoring

  • Capture relevant risk information from trusted internal and external sources to break down data silos
  • Analyze risk signals using identity resolution, network analytics and machine learning
  • Inform risk and compliance systems of existing risks to strengthen loss prevention and optimize risk monitoring
  • Learn from investigation and reviews outcomes to continuously optimize risk profiling, scoring and analysis

The Benefits of One Customer Truth

Mitigates Risk

  • Results in faster, more accurate, risk-based onboarding
  • Eliminates data silos and improves data quality to provide an enhanced view of each entity, their relationships and their risk 
  • Delivers continuous monitoring for always accurate risk profiles and scores

Improves AML Compliance

  • Enhances monitoring and detection effectiveness
  • Provides accurate, comprehensive and timely customer risk profiles
  • Speeds up investigations and provides more control with less noise leading to quicker, more informed decisions

Reduces Fraud Losses

  • Strengthens fraud prevention, reducing losses and customer friction
  • Highlights risks associated with new account fraud earlier
  • Curtails the use of compromised identities
    Streamlines information sharing on suspected money mules

Drives Revenue Opportunities

  • Identifies trusted customers with precision, accelerating revenue opportunities with these customers
  • Lowers friction for trusted customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and experience
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