​​​​​​​​​​Fraud Essentials​​

FIs of all sizes must protect all channels from fraud without negatively impacting customer experience

​​Actimize Fraud Essentials is a cloud-based offering that provides industry leading end-to-end Fraud Management capabilities. Fraud Essentials offers real-time fraud detection, cross-channel analysis, multi-payment coverage, as well as extensive fraud alert and case management. Leveraging the insights and experience gained from more than a decade supporting the world's largest banks and FIs, Fraud Essentials is built to deliver a complete robust suite of fraud operations tools to help detect fraud perpetrated against multiple payment and transaction types.​

“AWS is a strong partner that has helped us build​ a secure and​ resilient ​platform for our SaaS Essentials solution and we have worked together with range of clients across multiple regions.”
Cenk Ipeker
Senior Director, Head of Actimize Cloud

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