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Criminals, drug dealers, terror groups and human traffickers are constantly finding loopholes to abuse the financial system. They don’t discriminate between a local financial institution or a large global bank when it comes to committing crimes.

With the rising sophistication in money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud attack patterns, mere check-the-box AML and fraud solutions are not sufficient to fully protect your financial institution and your customers. The increased complexity in evolving financial crimes call for more sophistication and agility in detection, identification and reporting capabilities. Mid-sized financial institutions, community banks and credit unions need the same cutting-edge technology used by the big financial institutions to fight financial crime.

Actimize Essentials is a robust, integrated AML-Fraud solution with a unified case manager and highly sophisticated, agile analytics. Essentials helps you to achieve best detection accuracy, lower rate of false positives and high operational efficiency. It’s the same technology and innovative products deployed in many institutions across the globe that is packaged and delivered out-of-the-box on a cost effective, easily scalable Software-As-A-Service platform. ​​​

​​NICE Actimize Drives AML Cloud Transformation for Vancity, One of Canada’s Largest Community Credit Unions

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