Transaction Monitoring


Activity Monitoring​​

Suspicion Detected.
Confidence Activated.

Detect true suspicion and minimize false positives with a multidimensional approach to transaction monitoring.

Understand your customers and their risk. Accelerate transaction monitoring effectiveness with SAM through an entity-centric approach.

With a multilayered approach, detect more suspicious activity while reducing the noise—all with speed and precision.

SAM: Delivering Speed and Precision

SAM ensures rapid detection of potentially illicit transactions, using advanced machine learning algorithms to guarantee precision. This system enhances your institution's ability to spot and manage risk, ensuring that you stay ahead of regulatory requirements and maintain the trust of your stakeholders.

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Know your customers.
Know your risk

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Multiple layers of protection.
Defense fortified

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Swifter, smarter

SAM: Defense Layers

SAM provides robust defense layers by continuously learning and adapting to new tactics and patterns used by money launderers. This multi-tiered approach not only enhances your ability to catch suspicious activity early but also ensures comprehensive protection against evolving financial crime threats.

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Retain Rules

The Critical Safety Net

Accurately detect known threats with an extensive and industry-proven library of rules

Ensure regulatory compliance 

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Explore Analytics

Optimize Detection

Reduce false positives and capture anomalous outliers with ML and AI 

Increase efficiency and effectiveness  

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Uncover Risk

Connect the Network

Uncover and explore relationships with graph technology 

Find more risk 

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Detect Suspicious Activity with Precision
The Power of Advanced Analytics

Harness the power of advanced analytics to detect suspicious activity with pinpoint accuracy. SAM employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms and big data analytics, which enables it to discern even the most nuanced patterns of illicit behavior and suspicious transactions. This ensures your organization remains vigilant, efficient, and fully compliant with AML regulations, even in an increasingly complex financial landscape.

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Accurate monitoring

Unsupervised Machine Learning delivers precise and granular customer groupings

Exact risk groupings

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Enhanced effectiveness

Machine Learning analytics to assess and optimize model performance 

Detect with precision

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Anomaly Detection

Detect outlier suspicion

Machine Learning driven detection to identify previously undetected suspicion

Discover previously unmonitored suspicion

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Predictive Scoring

Risk-focused investigations

Use powerful predictive analytics to determine alert risk and focus resources on the truly suspicious activity

Prioritize high-risk alerts

Transaction Monitoring Evolution

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Self-Developed Analytics


The tools to easily build your own machine learning analytics and enrich transaction monitoring with internal expertise

Manage Business Risks

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Connected Risk


Transaction monitoring must be connected across the enterprise, using extensive risk signals and disposition decisions to optimize suspicious activity detection

Enhanced Accuracy

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Collective Intelligence


The power of many is greater than the power of one. Leverage industry-trained models to detect emerging threats and increase the effectiveness of existing models

Shared Expertise

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