Anna Griem

Senior Analyst, Opimas
Anna Griem is a senior analyst in Opimas’ equities trading practice and has published reports on a variety of topics, including MiFID II and RegTech. Opimas is a management consultancy focused on capital markets, serving leading financial institutions around the world. Our specialisation allows us to bring our expertise to bear from the very beginning of projects, to provide insight and craft strategies for our clients more quickly, without sacrificing quality. In addition, Opimas continuously invests considerable resources, representing about one third of our revenues, in market research. This investment allows us to create a pool of intellectual capital on issues of strategic importance to our clients.

Uniquely in the consulting industry, Opimas pursues an entirely open approach to knowledge sharing, providing our clients direct access to our entire pool of intellectual capital. This gives our clients the latitude either to support their strategic decisions independently, while relying on our knowledge base, or to engage directly with our consultants on a project basis. Follow her @AnnaGriem on Twitter.
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