Autonomous Financial Crime Management

Are you ready to transform?

The financial services industry is changing before our eyes and the pace of this change shows no sign of letting up. Financial services customers continue demanding new services, faster transaction times, and a more seamless experience than ever before. While these changes might be good for business, it has been difficult for Risk and Compliance teams to keep up. The number of alerts and overall work continues to increase – which is pushing up costs to unsustainable levels and thereby making it more difficult to mitigate risks properly.

Fortunately, new technologies are up to the task. NICE Actimize is leveraging data, analytics, and intelligent automation to empower teams with Autonomous Financial Crime Management capabilities. Autonomous Financial Crime Management fuses innovative technologies into a single platform, seamlessly connecting to data from anywhere while also applying machine learning, advanced analytics, and automation at every turn so as to transform raw data into business-friendly intelligence. Autonomous Financial Crime Management does this by leveraging three key technological pillars:

Any Data: Teams must be able to leverage any type of data, from any source, at high volumes. This means access to data both within the walls of a given organization as well as outside of it. It also means having a place to hold it all together (think Big Data). This makes data access both easy and seamless.

Analytics Everywhere: Analytics help teams to comprehensively understand their data and gain meaningful insights. Analytics are needed everywhere throughout the process – for detection, decisioning, and even on investigations and alert triage.

Intelligent Automation: Intelligent Automation combines Robotic Process Automation with capabilities like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to extract the absolute maximum value from how automation is applied. This combination of Analytics and Intelligent Automation working together significantly improves both organizational efficiency and decision making.

These Autonomous Financial Crime Management technologies allow teams to detect, decide, investigate, and resolve alerts and cases with limited human intervention – meaning financial services organizations can regain control over their risks, lower their costs, and keep their customers safe.