Introducing X-Sight​​​​​​
Autonomous Financial Crime Management Platform-as-a-Service

The autonomous journey continues with X-Sight, allowing you to break the limits on data and analytics to fight FinCrime.​​

Moving Forward

The financial services industry is changing before our eyes. Customers expect seamless experiences, fast transactions and instant access to their money. While these changes might be good for business, risk and compliance teams spend too much time sifting through alerts and information.

NICE Actimize is ready to power your organization with a new way of addressing financial crime prevention: Autonomous Financial Crime Management. By merging new technologies, financial services organizations combine data, analytics and automation to improve detection, improve their operational efficiencies, and reduce costs. Raw data becomes actionable intelligence by applying machine learning, advanced analytics and automation.

Break the Limits with X-Sight

Learn how X-Sight offers choice in data, analytics and service.

Autonomous Financial Crime Management powers three key pillars:

  • Any Data: Teams must leverage any type of data, from any source, at increasingly high volumes. The key is to make data access easy and seamless. Data is of no use if you cannot access and manipulate it when you need to​.

  • Analytics Everywhere: Once data is available, you need to quickly understand it and extract insights. Analytics come into every part of the process, from detection and decisioning to investigations and reporting.

  • Intelligent Automation: The combination of robotic process automation with machine learning and artificial intelligence extracts the utmost value so your organization can quickly and accurately take action.

Financial services organizations can now detect, investigate and resolve their risk issues with limited human intervention. High value resources can focus on the strategic work that moves your business forward. Financial services organizations regain control over risk, lower their costs and keep customer information safe.

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