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Addressing Fraud Risk from COVID-19 Relief Efforts

On May 3, 2020, small business were extended the second round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Loans – totaling $175 billion.

A Changing Fraud Landscape: Navigating the Risks Amid COVID-19

While it’s clear that COVID-19 is bringing many short term challenges such as increased fraud rates and impacts on fraud models and operational capacity, there will also be longer term changes to manage.

UK Fraud Losses – What happened in 2019 and where are we headed now?

UK Finance recently published “Fraud – The Facts 2020” and as usual the report was full of great data on the UK banking fraud landscape in 2019. In this blog, I’ll draw out the key trends and implications, along with potential impacts from the COVID-19 crisis in 2020.

Bringing it All Together: Unified Case Management for Financial Crime

When it comes to fighting fraud and money laundering, the connection between the two is critical as fraudsters work to find a way to legitimize their illicit funds. Proceeds from criminal activity related to fraud need to be laundered, so money laundering often follows soon after fraud occurs.

Reg BI is Not Going Anywhere – How Firms Should Move Forward

COVID-19 caused many firms to put Reg BI compliance on the back burner. Here are three key lessons to help firms get compliant by June 30.

COVID-19 in Italy: Fraud Lessons Learned

Around the world, public health officials are analyzing the coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in countries with earlier outbreaks in an effort to model scenarios, refine preparations, and identify mismanagement and best practices in dealing with the current situation. With Italy being a hotspot, we at Q6 Cyber set out to analyze recent cybercriminal and fraud activity […]

A Shifting Fraud Management Landscape

The Fraud Product Marketing Team conducted an interview with subject matter expert, Rob Tharle, in response to the current global pandemic situation. The below content is based on that interview.

Cheque Fraud: How is a Reducing Payment Type Leading to an Increase in Fraud?

It wasn’t long ago that cheques were going to be relegated to a thing of the past, and whilst that is true in some countries, they are still going strong in others.

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