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Fighting Financial Crime

Part 1: Will More Stimulus Packages Equal More Fraud?

Among the many things that 2020 will be remembered for will be the level of fraud associated with the stimulus packages – particularly the SBA loans and their international equivalents, such as CBILS in the UK. And with new stimulus packages on the horizon, have lessons been learned, or will there be just as much fraud in 2021?

Now’s the Time for Fraud and AML Convergence

Financial institutions maintain two large and complex operational regimes dedicated to fighting financial crime. Both are laden with technology operated by armies of professionals dedicated to rooting out criminal activity. Why not combine them and reap the benefits in increased efficiency, lowered costs, and improved analytical insights?

Unemployment Fraud: A Growing Threat

2020 has seen a number of changes in the level and type of fraud attacks. With the continuing stimulus programs in place, we’ve started to see these being targeted by fraudsters.

Stay Ahead of First-Party Fraud and Mule Activity

This blog series acts as a companion to the sessions at ENGAGE LIVE. Catch up on the other entries here: Looking Back at ENGAGE 2020 Immediate Action Required: Detecting Authorised Fraud Catch Me if You Can: Fraud Digital Identity Challenges Future-Proofing Fraud with Advanced Technologies Fraud: AI in Action The Journey to Autonomous Fraud Management  […]

Immediate Action Required: Detecting Authorised Fraud

In this session at ENGAGE, we heard from contributors on both sides of the Atlantic about the authorised fraud threat, as well as what can be done to help reduce and mitigate it. In this blog, I’ll cover what authorised fraud is and why your financial institution (FI) must pay attention to it.

Fraud: AI in Action

At our ENGAGE 2020 LIVE event, attendees heard how NICE Actimize is infusing artificial intelligence (AI) into our solutions to help our clients fight financial crime. In this blog, I’ll cover what AI is, the future of AI in fraud detection and how this helps FIs protect customers and reduce costs, losses and friction.

The Challenge of “Identity”

Are we having an “identity crisis”?

Future Proofing Fraud with Advanced Technologies

This blog series acts as a companion to the sessions at ENGAGE LIVE. Catch up on the series: first entry here and second entry here.

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