Filip Verbeke

Founding Partner, Complidata

Filip Verbeke has worked for more than 20 years in marketing, deploying and optimizing AML and fraud detection systems. As a co-founder of Norkom until 2011 and subsequently with SAS Institute, the leading analytical software vendor provider, Filip launched his own ventures in 2016 with Consortix, a specialized system integrator and packaged solutions provider focusing solely on deploying financial crime solutions. He later co-founded Complidata, applying A.I. techniques to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in AML processes. Filip also worked with Harmoney, a digital KYC automation and optimization solution provider.

Filip and his team have been involved in more than 100 AML/KYC projects in Europe and beyond, and in major remediation programs, as well as regulatory and operational advisory.

Harmoney, Consortix and Complidata are pioneers in SaaS approaches, utilities and managed services for financial institutions in regulatory compliance. They also launched the very first large-scale tuning, optimization and automation programs in Europe, based on the latest advanced analytics techniques like Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing in areas such as private banking, trade finance, Corporates KYC and CIB.

The Bank’s Role: AML Compliance and Tracking Ships

June 18th, 2020

Trade Finance, by its very nature, is linked to the maritime transportation cross-border movement of goods, and therefore faces increased scrutiny.

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