Mara Gibor

Director of Intelligence, Q6 Cyber

Mara Gibor is the Director of Threat Intelligence at Q6 Cyber, which monitors, analyzes and researches ECrime intelligence as well as criminal communities worldwide. Prior to joining Q6 Cyber, Mara lived in Israel where she worked in the cyber security industry as a Cyber Intelligence Analyst. Her experience and specialization in cybercrime allows her to help clients gain visibility into their adversaries and to secure data that may otherwise end up in the wrong hands. Mara holds an MA degree in Counter Terrorism and Security.

How Fraudsters Use a Popular Tool to Easily Commit Account Takeover (ATO)

May 5th, 2021

Account takeover (ATO) scams have been growing quickly since early 2020, with estimates ranging from two to six times that of the prior year.

COVID-19 in Italy: Fraud Lessons Learned

April 2nd, 2020

Around the world, public health officials are analyzing the coronavirus (COVID-19) transmission in countries with earlier outbreaks in an effort to model scenarios, refine

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